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We have listed our “services” below but, in fact, the value we offer is through developing long term, open, honest and constructive dialogues with our customers so we can help you achieve your goals.  And the help you need along that journey will change. 

So, we are flexible in our approach.  You may wish to engage us as a non-executive director, or as a consultant, for example.  It may be for a short assignment, but we would always expect that such would lead to longer term engagements so that we can deliver real, sustainable value to your business.

Strategic Planning

Have you a developed a clearly articulated and cohesive strategy to address the market you operate (or wish to operate) in?

Has the strategy the flexibility to navigate the post pandemic world, the increasing focus on Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) issues being driven by investors, customers and governments?

Not to mention the so-called digital revolution.

We can help you establish and implement a practical roadmap to achieve your goals.

Structure and Succession

Many business owners benefit from an external, independent, perspective when considering how their different business operations should be structured, both to optimise performance, but also to plan for their exit.

Owner managers, especially of family-owned enterprises, often have no independent confidante to advise them on these sensitive matters.

Our impartial and honest input will help you plan your future route, in conjunction, as appropriate, with your other professional advisers.


Entrepreneurs are often visionaries who operate at a strategic, higher level. That’s what creates the value to society, and to their other stakeholders.

Conversely, business owners can sometimes be working in the business to such a degree that it becomes hard to “see the wood for the trees”.

In either of these situations, an operational review to analyse efficiency levels, risks and opportunities for automation / cost reduction will prove valuable.

And we can help facilitate such a review, considering the changing demands of your team – including flexible and hybrid working arrangements.

People and Culture

For your business to reach its optimal performance you need to attract, develop and retain team members who are fully engaged and committed to the business.

We have decades of experience in operational and senior leadership roles and can help you to develop your leadership style and skills in this area.

Empowerment as a business driver

If you are interested in taking employee engagement to a different level, we can introduce you and your leadership team to the principles of a devolved leadership model. 

This will empower your team to drive your business with real emotional ownership and can reduce risk, and costs, whilst driving customer satisfaction levels.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We have a passion for, and experience in, building diverse and inclusive teams, where all staff have equal opportunities to achieve their potential, and thereby contribute to your business’ objectives.

Brand and customer service

For many businesses, especially in the fast-moving e-commerce world we operate in, the real differentiator is service.  This will help you establish a loyal following who will help you build a resilient brand supported by appropriate social media content and engagement.

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