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LinkedIn post 28/9/21 – My “6 in 60” – giving something back to my local community, and beyond

In last week’s post, I introduced my “6 in 60” to explain my personal journey after suddenly being given 60 hours a week after my last work role ended.

Last week was personal, it was family. With over 22,000 views so far, it clearly resonated with lots of LI members and generated lots of lovely comments and feedback (thanks).  

This week I want to share how I chose to allocate some of my time to giving something back to people I have not met.

#2 of my 6. For me, and many others I suspect, work commitments meant that I couldn’t find time for valuable causes. Now that I have the time, I’ve volunteered for a fabulous charity called Music and Arts Production based near where my career started many moons ago in East Leeds. 

MAP Charity helps young people who cannot access the mainstream education system and is run by a fantastic, passionate team. And I’m delighted that I am able to help them deliver their exciting plans to help more young people.

#3 of my 6. Me and a couple of friends decided to replace our usual fundraising exploits (cancelled due to the pandemic) with a charity bike ride from Land End to John o’ Groats in August. The 84 hours in the saddle, across 1,012 miles, has raised over £6,000 for Save the Children International – so far. If you’d like to support the charity – or just check out the pictures, please follow the link

Take care, and look out for next week’s post.

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