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LinkedIn Post 5/10/21 – My “6 in 60” – Life, Work, Balance

This is number 3 in my “6 in 60” series which seeks to explain my personal journey after suddenly being given 60 hours a week after my last work role ended.

The 30,000 LinkedIn members who viewed my two earlier posts in this series read posts about other people. This one is about me personally, and the two decisions I’ve made and implemented:

#4 – get fitter – when you commit so much of your life to work, you cannot always find time to look after your body (and by extension, your mind). So, I decided to get physically fitter. 

I now ride my bike 2 or 3 times a week, usually with friends or family and the improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing is tangible. I’ve even started attending some business meetings on my bike!

And Yoga too has really helped an old back injury, and some aches and pains from my football playing days.

#5 – more family time – I’ve allocated more time for me and my family. Something that was in short supply on occasion in the past.

And, like getting fitter – spending more time with the people that matter most to me also improved my wellbeing.

Please look out for next week’s final post in this series – because I’ve left plenty of space for an even more rewarding use of those 60 hours.

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